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Review: Rance 1795 - Le Vainqueur

Rance 1795 - Le Vainqueur (2005)
My bottle of Le Vainqueur - now I can smell like a king!
Famous 18th century painting of Napoleon
One of the scent that started it all for me. I was into fragrances but never really took it seriously or collected and studied it seriously until I bought this perfume. Back then about 2-3 years ago I only have 1 fragrance in my wardrobe that I bought my self...Versace Eau Fraiche Homme, I never knew about niches nor could I justify spending over $50 on a bottle of perfume. I used to be into just the cheapies and the celebrity scents back then and didn't understand why some perfumes are so expensive.

 Until one day I was shopping for a new perfume and stumbled across this gem at Myer - Melbourne city, I feel in love the moment I smelt it and bought it straight away. Feeling a bit guilty since I spent $200, when I got home I began to research to see if what I bought was really worth it.........  and it sure was worth it! Exquisite quality, immaculate presentation, and of course a very regal and elegant scent! If royalty has a smell, it would be Le Vainqueur. Just the quality that was put into it alone was worth the price, but the presentation just tops it all off.,_Napoleon_on_his_Imperial_throne.jpg
Emperor Napoleon on his throne
Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of France remembered best for winning a majority of his wars and sizing control of a majority of continental Europe.

After a series of victories, France became a dominant country of Europe and Napoleon maintained the French sphere of influence through the formation of various and extensive alliances and the elevation of friends and family members to rule other European countries as French Vassal states.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest commanders in history, his campaigns are studied at military academies worldwide.

He remains one of the most studied political and military leaders in all of history. 

So what does Napoleon have to do with a fragrance called Le Vainqueur ??? it's because this fragrance was originally composed for King Napoleon of France him self, reportedly in the year 1795. The Rance family had been famous for creating perfumed gloves for the French Aristocracy in Grasse, France since early 1600's.
Francois Rance

They turned their interests to perfumery in 1795 which led Francois Rance to create some of the most refined, luxurious and modern perfumes.

 Francois Rance was Napoleon's favourite perfumer and created a series of perfumes for him, which also included Le Vainqueur. In 2005 the long lost perfume was re-visited and re-released by Jeanne Sandra Rance, who currently runs the firm.

Imperial Eagle with a Crown
Presented in a blue elongated 2 piece box with patterns reminiscent of 18th century wallpaper on it. The bottle it self is super elegant and luxurious, a solid bottle shaped as an obelisk, which embodies the concept of VICTORY it self. Suiting of being the perfume created for and dedicated to one of the greatest historical personalities over the millennia. The obelisk bottle is capped with the crown bearing the imperial eagle that is placed on the heads of victors.

The Scent:
Spring time awakening by Luc-Oliver Merson , 1884
Opens with an invigorating, elegant and luxurious combo of grapefruit, watermelon, ginger, and sensual lily of the valley. A fresh, unique, masculine, citrus-floral combo......Definitely makes me think right back in time to the beginning of spring in a country side in Napoleon's time where I imagined, green moist grass, flowers blossoming awaken from it's long winter rest , life being restored to the land as old man winter leaves and won't be back for another year. A gentle breeze, free from impurities or pollutions, flustering across the radiant landscape with patches of newly bloomed flowers carrying it's aromas along.
Lily of the Valley - A dominant note of Le Vainqueur
About 30 minutes into the application, the fragrance starts to change and the citrusy notes starts to become less sharp and have now settled. Lily of the valley stays strong with faint aromas of Iris and jasmine swaying around , I must say , I'm surprised those florals smells as masculine and sexy as ever, also the musk , nut meg, and amber are starting to peek through at this stage, intertwined and blended smoothly, while the ginger and watermelon turns more powdery.

About 6 hours later, the scent is still going but now sits close to the skin.I can still smell lily of the valley being less dominant and is now quite powdery and gentle.

The musk, nut meg , watermelon, amber, and ginger are now also weaker while the leather and vetiver really becomes quite robust and noticeable, which gives Le Vainqueur an even more masculine touch. Lily of the valley stays detectable throughout along with jasmine and iris.
Spring time in France - what a nice Chateau!

Overall a classy, elegant, and regal scent long lasting and has great silage.

 If you are looking for a fresh, floral and citrusy male fragrance without wanting to smell like other guys out there - but smell like a king !!... I recommend this one! It's currently my spring and summer signature scent as well.

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