Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My First Ever Perfume : Aubusson - Futuros

The first I ever owned: Futuros By Aubusson

This will be my first ever blog about a fragrance so what a better way to begin than to review the first perfume that was ever given to me? the first perfume I ever had the privilege of owning.

The scent is of course the now discontinued and quite elusive Futuros by the French perfume house of Aubusson, released in 1987 according to profumo.net. This was given to me by my aunt around the year 1999, it was strange because I was only about 8 years old at the time and was already into perfume and their bottles. My aunt is also a perfume collector and has hundreds of fragrances her self, I will always remember sitting still for hours in her room being completely mesmerized by her collection.

Image by ThePerfumedGuillotine
 About the scent:

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-o_DU6KYOxrk/TqwWDM296PI/AAAAAAAAAT0/2DIyvvi3c9U/s1600/Vtg%2B50%2527s%2BBUCO%2BLeather%2BMotorcycle%2BJacket%2B38%2B%2524500.jpgThis scent is now discontinued but can still be found on EBay. Not much information are available about Futuros therefore I will be describing based on what I am smelling. The first spray starts off quite warm-spicy, leathery, woody,  and slightly animalic. Think of your self wearing a vintage leather jacket, rugger and worn out over the years, it is mid winter, cold , dark and gloomy outside, you are in a entered a room heated up by a fire place. There are freshly chopped wood burning and scenting the room, in the kitchen somebody is cooking curry for dinner, yes CURRY, the spices are reminiscent of beef vindaloo, in a good way!..... THAT - is the smell of Aubusson - Futuros, a leathery, smoky, woody, and warm-spicy fragrance.

Later it dries down to become a spicy, smoky, woody, and slightly sweet scent where the spice really does shine. I can now smell clove, liquorice, and tonka bean, with a hint of musty leather quite prominently 30 minutes into the dry down. After about 2-3 hours I am left with the dry down, a sweet spicy, smoky and woody masculine leather scent with hints of oak moss and civet.
Actor: Clark Gable
 Lasts a very long time on the skin like most vintage powerhouse fragrances of the 1980's, which I love but they are no longer popular today. Quite a mature, formal, classy, classic scent, makes me think of something Clark Gable would wear. Reminds me a lot of Antaeus By Chanel which I also own. It also comes in a beautiful dark blue bottle shaped like a futuristic jukebox. Definitely for the cooler weather, DO NOT wear this in summer!

 What are some of your first ever perfumes? Feel free to share I'd be interested in hearing!



  1. Guerlain's Vetiver--precocious for a teenager...... Great blog, interesting reviews. Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed my blog, thank you so much for visiting. Yes, Guerlain's Vetiver! a very relaxing fragrance. I think it will be almost impossible to find a teenager wearing it these days!

  2. Thanks for the usefull review cause as you say, there is no information in the net, not even in Fragrantica. I love spices and 80s fragrances so I think I'll probably blind buy it soon.

  3. I'm sorry to be the wanker here but I have to completely disagree 100% with this review about the leather. I've been wearing Futuros for years and this perfume is nothing leathery, zero. It's a tonka centric and spicy perfume that's quite powdery in feel. The main notes are tonka bean, oakmoss, clove, sandalwood, amber and patchouli in the dry down. It smells like a bath powder for Men. Strange thing is that the liquid is blue if you decant it and the perfume itself kinda smells blue as well, like a blue bath powder if such a thing existed. Super strong with oodles of sillage and very long lasting.