Tuesday, 29 April 2014

About me and My blog name

Welcome everyone!

This is a blog I've recently created to share my love for perfumes and fashion with everyone.
A bit about my self, my name is Warren, I am a university student, I am studying Science and I had already completed my major in physiology. I am 21, I collect, photograph and review fragrances of all sorts. I am however particularly interested in vintage, niches, and the classics.I hope you all enjoy my reviews and pictures coming up in the future, also feel free to request any perfumes you would like me to review.

This blog is inspired by Queen Marie Anotinette and the Guillotine. Weird combination isn't it?
Painting of Queen Marie Antoinette on her way to be executed, thinking about perfume!
Well I am a bit of a vintage / antique lover and I am quite fascinated by the royals of the past and their giant castle, luxurious life styles, dresses, and of course their perfume. One day I whilst I was day dreaming I thought to my self......."Hmm I wonder what perfume Queen Marie Antoinette was wearing whilst on her way to the Guillotine", perhaps she was wearing no perfume, no one is quite sure. However this is how I came up with the name of this blog.

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