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Perfumes that I bought in 2014 and my ranking for them.

2014 Purchased Perfumes + Scores:

It is that time of the year when I look back and see how much my collection had grown in 2014 and to appreciate the collection that I had work so hard for heading into the new year of 2015. Hopefully I will continue to enjoy this hobby and my collection will be even better by the start of 2016, who knows?

I will be listing what I've purchased and then giving each of then a score out of 10 based on the following categories. Please remember that this is only my personal ranking/scoring, you may or may not agree with some of them which is perfectly fine.

- Scent = meaning how much I actually enjoy and love this scent, yay or nay.
- Usage = how often I use or want to use the scent
- Price = is it good value?

I will also be mentioning the factors that attracted me into purchasing what I've purchased. Empty bottles and vintages that is not used will not be included. Full reviews of some of these perfumes will be written in the future.

Idole By Lubin: 7/10 Love the boozy wood combo

Usage: 0/10 I haven't opened my box since I bought it, I felt guilty about spending so much..Perhaps this winter coming up I will finally open it.

Price: 2/10 I was stupid enough to buy retail because of the news that the EDT bottle with the African mask cap would be discontinued and that people in the US were struggling to find it...So I hurried out and bought it. I went back later this year and still see the same type of bottle available.

Total:: 9/30

Cuir De Lancome By Lancome : 6/10 A beautiful scent but sometimes I find it lacking in character.

Usage: 4/10 I used it a bit during winter after I recently purchased it but then I haven't used much since then, I do get some cravings to use it during winter but not often.

Price: 9/10 I managed to purchase this one brand new for just a bit over $50 AUD, which is a great deal for an exclusive collection by Lancome and it's not available in retailers in Australia. I was really into "Floral Leathers" at the time and wanted to try this one due to all the positive reviews.

Total: 19/30

Midnight In Paris By Van Cleef & Arpels: 8/10 Just love the tonka bean note in this one, its not too spicy and is delicious. Sometimes this scent can be too much during hot days so I try to be careful when I use it.

Usage: 6/10 I've been grabbing it a bit during spring but then on hotter spring days or in summer I cannot wear this without getting nauseaous.

Price: 9/10 Very good price for this one , brand new and boxed for only about $40 AUD. Fantastic quality juice and an avant-garde presentation. The price was the factor that made me go ahead and purchase this scent plus the rumors going around on fragrance forums that the scent was going to be discontinued.

Total: 23/10

Cuir Styrax By Prada: 4/10 Something that cost as much as this one and is "Parfum" in concentration should last longer than an hour on the skin! The scent it self is a nice leather and styrax combination, not too unique but is a pleasant one.

Usage: 0/10 I felt bad again for spending a lot of money so I have not open this one yet and might try to sell it on the internet soon.

Price: 3/10 It costs a lot less than the "Exclusive Blends/Collections" of other houses but for the quality of the scent that you are getting... the price is a bit ridiculous. I bought this because I had an urge to splurge for some reason that day and I like the fact that is it quite hard to find around the world and that I had the opportunity to go ahead and own it, so I bought it. Kinda regretting it a bit tho!

Total: 7/10

Lust By Lush: 10/10 What can I say, this is one of the highest quality jasmine bomb that you can get out there and the cheap price just makes it so much more worth it.

Usage: 6/10 Not for every occasion as it is so potent, however I am craving it so frequently and even on hot humid summer days I am tempted to wear it. I had a head ache before from this scent, so spray wisely.

Price: 9/10 For the quality that you are getting and the uniqueness of this bold scent, you cannot go wrong with $40. I was going through a jasmine phase and wanted to test out various jasmine perfumes so I went ahead and tried Lust...I loved it!

Total: 25/30

Arpege By Lanvin: 7/10 An Aldehydic beauty with great longevity and a heavenly dry down. Sometimes the opening can be a little overwhelming.

Usage: 7/10 I've been using it before bed quite frequently especially on cooler nights..Leaves my bed sheets smelling amazing.

Price: 7/10 Fantastic quality, this classic perfume is very affordable. I was exploring aldehyde at the time and this perfume is a well know aldehyde.

Total: 21/30

Pure Poison By Christian Dior: 7/10 I just love the jasmine note in this one..the negative is however the fact that some people think you smell like fabric softener and laundry detergent...NO! I am wearing a hundred dollars a bottle Dior!

Usage: 5/10 I use this occasionally, sometimes I get a bit sick of the laundry detergent compliment tho, which really puts me off.

Price: 7/10 I bought this one used and about 90% full, so it was a nice deal for me, I paid less than half of the retail price. Again another purchase I made while discovering Jasmine perfumes.

Total: 19/30

O De Lancome By Lancome:,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpegScent: 5/10 A green, bitter, airy chypre perfume, quite unisex and reminds me of my grandmother...I think I will keep this bottle for her. Personally I don't think this is for me.

Usage: 3/10 I use it sometimes on hot days since this is one of the freshest perfumes I have at the moment.

Price: 8/10 I paid less than half price for a brand new bottle at my local discount chemist. I just thought it smelt so good at the shop when I tested it and it was cheap so I bought it.

Total: 16/30

Vanderbilt By Gloria Vanderbilt: 6/10 A nice quality scent with a mature feel to it. If this was sold in an exclusively presented bottle by some niche brand for $250 a bottle, I think this scent could certainly pass. I feel that the fact that it's cheap and wildly available makes me perceive it as cheap sometimes. Does that make me a bit of a perfume snob?

Usage: 3/10 I don't it that often, sometimes I use a few sprays to scent my bed and my room.

Price: 10/10 Good quality and I bought mine for $6 ! 100ml of EDP brand new and Made in Paris for only $6 . . That's the reason that I blind bought this straight for the chemist.

Total: 19/10

Blue Jeans By Versace: 6/10 An aromatic fresh scent with lots of lavender, vanilla and citrus. Quite a strong opening and do last a while too. The scent can be a bit viscous tho, it's a classic style scent. Reminds me of the 90's.

Usage: 3/10 I don't really use this one that much

Price: 10/10 only $20 for this discontinued gem, the presentation it self is worth it plus Versace is my favorite design house.

Total: 19/30

No.19 Poudre By Chanel: 8/10 A fantastic Iris scent, great quality juice.

Usage: 8/10 I use this one quite often, it is quite versatile for many occasions

Price: 6/10 I bought it as a used tester online. I have always been a fan of No.19 and saw a good deal so I bought it. Great decision.

Total: 22/30

Cristalle by Chanel: 8/10 An amazing mossy perfume, my mother's signature perfume.

Usage: 4/10 I love it but this is my mum's signature scent so I feel strange wearing it sometimes.

Price: 8/10 I have always loved oak moss and Chanel created a fabulous one with Cristalle.

Total: 20/30

Opium By Yves Saint Laurent (vintage): 5/10 A classic in perfumery, I just got to own it.

Usage: 2/10 I rarely wear this, I keep it more so as a reference

Price: 9/10 Got a vintage tester bottle for a super affordable price.

Total: 16/30

J'adore EDP Absolue By Christian Dior: 8/10 A luxurious white floral perfume without the creaminess or cloudy quality usually associated.

Usage: 7/10 I just love how long it lasts and have been using it quite a bit lately.

Price: 7/10 I bought a partial bottle from a perfumery sale and scored a pretty good deal.

Total: 22/30

De Profundis By Serge Lutens: 6/10 I just love the green chrysanthemum note and the story behind it's creation. Doesn't last too long not project too well tho. I normally like my scent potent.

Usage: 1/10 I don't really use this perfume, I keep it as a reference.

Price: 4/10 It's a bell jar exclusive but I still paid quite a bit for it even though it was a used bottle.

Total: 11/30

Let It Rock By Vivienne Westwood:
Scent: 7/10 Really great quality perfume with delicious notes of liquorice, patchouli and vanilla.

Usage: 8/10 I wore this one very often in winter.

Price: 10/10 $20 for 50ml of great quality long lasting EDP. Originally I gave this to my sister for her birthday but she hated it so she gave it back to me. Score!

Total: 25/30

Eau De Pamplemousse Rose By Hermes:
Scent: 4/10 A nice grapefruit opening that doesn't really last at all.

Usage: 2/10  I hardly wear this, it doesn't last.

Price: 8/10 Retail price I would never buy this, however I got my 100ml bottle for a fraction of the retail price.

Total: 14/30

Valentino By Valentino (vintage):
Scent: 8/10 A non sweet classic styled floral.

Usage: 1/10 I hardly ever touch this one, it is rare and vintage I always want to keep it as a reference.

Price: 6/10 I manage to find this for a price cheaper than the cheapest one on eBay..So I consider it a deal even tho it was $80.

Total: 15/30

Balenciaga Pour Homme By Balenciaga (vintage):
Scent: 4/10 A fresh spicy male cologne type of scent not really my style.

Usage: 2/10 I only wear this on my chest sometimes when I crave the scent.

Price: 9/10 I paid so little for this rare vintage it was such a great deal.

Total: 15/30 Des Majestes By Theirry Mugler:
Scent: 8/10 A rich amber, jasmine and oud combo, very rich, very viscous and Arabic.

Usage: 5/10 I wear this from time to time...It is so cloying that I can only wear it on very cold days.

Price: 6/10 Found this on an online retailer for an affordable price, for a perfume of such quality and exclusivity. I have been wanting to purchase my first Mugler perfume for a while and then I saw this great deal so I went and blind bought it.

Total: 19/30

Classique Intense By Jean Paul Gautier: Scent: 8/10 One of the only fruity scent that I I am not a fan of them. It's a great tropical white floral combo.

Usage: 7/10 I've been craving and wearing it quite a lot even in summer.

Price: 5/10 Wasn't as cheap as I wanted but it was a new release and discounted already. I was expecting a white floral bomb like the original classique since this was a blind buy, but got something else which is just as pleasant.

Total: 20/30

Truth or Dare by Madonna: Scent: 9/10 This is such a delicious blend of creamy white flowers, such a shame that it got discontinued.

Usage: 9/10 I've been grabbing it and craving it so often lately.

Price: 9/10 I bought mine for $30, the quality of the scent and the uniqueness is certainly worth more than that this is probably one of my favorite celebrity perfumes.

Total: 27/10

Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau Si Sensuelle By Guerlain:
Scent: 9/10 What a long name...the scent is beautiful and smells like pure class.

Usage: 8/10 I've been craving this perfume  a lot however I cannot use it as much as I wanted because it's discontinued and I want my bottle to last.

Price: 7/10 Scored a great deal on this used bottle that I now proudly own.

Total: 24/30

Diorissimo By Christian Dior: 9/10 I just love this scent, the true scent of spring in my opinion.

Usage: 6/10 I cannot pull this one off that often as it smells so flowery so I only wear it at home for my own enjoyment.

Price: 7/10 I paid less than half the retail price for my bottle. I have always been a big fan of this scent and have been on the constant lookout for a good deal to come by.

Total: 22/30

John Galliano By John Galliano:
Scent: 8/10 If you love powdery scents then this one is definitely for you, it is a Moulin Rouge sort of scent with powdery roses.

Usage: 6/10 I wear this one in winter but I have not touched it since.

Price: 7/10 This is affordable too bad it's been discontinued, so grab your bottle online while it lasts.

Total: 21/30

Karleidoscope By Karl Lagerfeld:
Scent: 6/10 A soft sensual powdery violet, musk and angelica based scent. Very innocent and tame.

Usage: 5/10 I've been using this occasionally before bed.

Price: 10/10 I managed to grab a bargain, 30mls for only $10.

Total: 21/30

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