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Review: Christian Dior - Diorissimo (1956)

Review: Christian Dior - Diorissimo (1956):
My baccarat bottle of Diorissimo from the 1950's laying on a bed of fresh and budding freesias moistened by drops of early morning spring rain.
No other fragrance truly represents Spring better than Diorissimo does, in my opinion. Such a green and refreshing floral scent with emphasis the Lily of the Valley also known as Muguet in French. The lily of the valley is an uplifting and bring floral with is native to the cooler parts of Asia and Europe, it typically blooms in Spring and has a unique scent that smells similar to jasmine but without the creaminess or headiness associated with it. According to Dior the lily of the valley was his favourite "lucky/fortune" flower and that Diorissimo is the perfume of his spirit "the scented expression of his soul". He also believed that the lily of the valley represented "hope, happiness, and joy".
Edmond Roudnitska & lily of the valley (muguet)
Diorissimo was created by Edmond Roudnitska in 1956, with his main goal of wanting to create a scent that was less conventional and sweet at the time, something more simplified and transparent. His inspiration for Diorissimo came from the scent of the Lily of the valley in his garden which he could recall enveloping his senses as he relaxed in his garden. 

Simplified Amphora/urn presentation
1980's screw bottle
Diorissimo was available represented in many different packaging and bottles.

Initially in the 1950's Diorissimo came in an amphora shaped baccarat bottle with gold flowers at the top, as pictured on the main image above. Then in the 1960's it was presented in a more simplified and less heavy urn shaped bottle by baccarat.
1990's flask bottle
Current Presentation
By the end of the 1960's and throughout the beginning of the 1980's the squarish-oval bottle with a circular screwed on cap became the main presentation for Diorissimo.

 In the 1990's the bottle became even more simple with a flask-like shape bottle with a simple semi-circular cap,the bottle remained similar looking till present day. For more information and details on Diorissimo bottles and dating methods please visit this article on Perfumed Shrine.

The Scent:
Lily of the Valley
This is without a doubt one of my favourite fragrances of all time, so simple, so representative of spring, yet so effortlessly timeless. Much like Chanel No.5 and Guerlain Shalimar not many fragrances can withstand the test of time and still be in continuous production present days.
Painting by F.Morgan
Diorissimo is quite a linear soliflore, meaning that it is a fragrance that focuses on a single flower as the main star. Soliflores doesn't necessary have to contain just one floral note, in fact most contain more than a few notes in it's composition. I don't have much to say about this fragrance due to the fact that it is very linear and revolves around the lily of the valley.

Spring shower
Diorissimo is like a damp and dewy early spring morning, where dew drops glistened against the luscious, fresh and green buddings of freesias and narcissus. The sun has not yet made it's appearance and the skies are still grey, gloomy and misty from the spring shower which had just recently passed. A gentle breeze blew pass as you take a deep breath, an invisible veil of one of spring's signature flower, the lily of the valley, tingled your nostrils as you became enveloped in it's gentle yet distinctive aroma. Just like an innocent, fresh faced young lady strolling amongst a meadow of flowers. Diorissimo is a youthful floral in my opinion it is definitely light, breezy, and never cloying, it is a great fragrance for those wanting to explore the floral world to start with and also for those who just wants to experience and appreciate one of Christian Dior's masterpieces.

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