Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review: Theirry Mugler - Angel (1992)

Review: Thierry Mugler - Angel (1992) - My latest obsession:
My two bottles of Angel
 About two weeks ago I was hunting for bargains on used fragrances and stumbled across Angel by Thierry Mugler. Of course seeing that this is such a well known classic and it was such a great deal I quickly placed my bid hoping that I would win when I wake up in the morning (I did win by the way). I had never been a fan of Angel throughout my fragrance journey so I placed my bet hoping to have it just for reference sake. Earlier this week my parcel containing Angel arrived and of course I was pleased to finally be a proud owner the gorgeous star shaped bottle. I wasn't expecting to like the scent because the last time that I had tested it about a year ago I just thought to my self , "ewww what is this nasty sweet stuff, it makes me feel so sticky!"...
Futuristic Advertisement for Angel
It's so interesting to notice how my taste in fragrance had evolved and diversified over the years, through the exploration of different notes and hoses. So I picked up the glamorous bottle and sprayed it onto my wrist, and this time my reaction was the complete opposite of how I reacted the first time I tested it. I immediately fell in love with it and instantaneously understand why so many love it.

A bit about the scent it self ... Angel is an oriental gourmand fragrance, one of the first in this category,  launched in 1992 (the year I was born!) by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. Angel was the first of many perfumes from the house of Thierry Mugler, one of my favorite designers, and was aimed to evoke the emotion of tender childhood memories together with a sense of "dreamlike infinity" - see the advert *hint*.

The Scent:
Kid in a candy store
One thing that had not change from the first time I tested Angel till now would be the fact that it is definitely sweet. Which was the one thing that turned me away from loving it at first. Immediately upon spraying the fragrance on myself I can detect prominent notes of chocolate, patchouli along with a fainter aura of caramel, honey and vanilla. These sweet-gourmand notes does indeed evoke my "tender childhood memories", like a kid being in a candy store and the warmth of the scent reflects back to the time when were all kids and not having to worry about a thing in the world at all (at least for most of us).

On my skin Angel stays pretty linear and within about 45 minutes on my skin I can detect the patchouli becoming stronger and the sweetness of the opening toning down. The scent stays pretty much that way until the end. Angel is very long lasting with excellent silage, it lasted for around 8-10 hours on my skin with strong silage in the first 2-3 hours, then moderate silage after that. Angel is fast becoming a classic in perfumery and is still as popular as ever, it also received the FiFi Award Hall of Fame in 2007. I would recommend any fragrance lover to try this one out and to also test it over a period of time if you are not a fan at first sniff (just like my self), over time as your taste in fragrance change you may fall in love with Angel just like I did.