Saturday, 2 August 2014

Review: Jean Paul Gautier - Fragile (1999)

Jean Paul Gautier - Fragile (1999):
My new arrival "Jean Paul Gautier - Fragile"

The feeling of "Christmas comes early", that sudden boost of joy and excitement....That is the feeling I get every time the courier man turns into my drive way with his white van. This morning I received  a package containing a used bottle of Jean Paul Gautier's Fragile, which I have bought for a very cheap price on eBay. I have always wanted to add this fragrance to my collection for a very long time mainly due to it's breathtakingly stunning and exquisitely presented bottle.
My first memory of this scent goes way back to when it was first released in 1999, my aunt used to wear this fragrance on a regular basis and it did annoy a few people around her due to it's potent silage. She would wear this all year, even on scorching summer days, that is how much she loved this scent. Anyway, I love the way it smelt on her and the trail that it would leave as she walked pass different areas of the house. My aunt is a fragrance collector as well, as mentioned on my earlier post about my first perfume, and probably one of the main reason why I have so many fond memories in relation to perfumes, which eventually inspired me to become a collector my self. I moved to Australia my grandmother had a gigantic house with a ridiculous amount of rooms, around 40 if not more, intended for all her children and grand children to stay together as a big giant family. I used to take regular visits to my aunt's bed room located on the 5th floor of the mansion, I remembered that climbing up those dark wooden stairs alone was a long and terrifying journey it self. Along the way to my destination I would have to confront series of elaborately carved hanging wall statues which my grandmother loved but they used to send shivers down my spine, especially at night. Finally once I have finally arrived at my aunt's room, she would let me sit and admire her magnificent and grand collection of perfumes ....... out of the 100's of bottles laid out along her perfume shelf, "Fragile" would always be the bottle which I seem to have noticed and remembered vividly for all these years.
Francis Kurkdjian
The fragrance was composed by the very famous, Francis Kurkdjian, and was released in 1999. The word "Fragile" can be seen printed on the box in a playful style, a signature of Gautier. The bottle it self is a work of art, and a very creative concept, a "Showgirl-esque" type of lady seductively dressed is centered inside a snow globe styled bottle filled with sparkling glitter entrapped and suspended by the golden liquid that is the perfume. A genius concept, with the glitters signifying a sort of celebration, applause, and spot light which focuses it's attention to the bewitching figure in black. Sort of suggests to the wearer that if you wear this perfume, all those attention could be on you, you will sure be noticed.

The Scent:

Jessica Rabbit by chronicbetchface
Starts off very delicious and floral, intoxicating concoction of jasmine, rose , tuberose, neroli and citrus opens the show while the other notes are putting finishing touches to their costumes before they are due to perform. A sweet, floral, and delicious combination,very seductive and potent.

This perfume wears on to be less sharply citrus and floral as the gourmand base kicks in and take over the show, vanilla, star aniseed, cinnamon, became prominent while the presence of the floral opening still lingers on, as they refuse to be easily forgotten by it's audiences. For the finale, spotlights are on the Iris, Cedar wood, and musk, this trio adds a touch of sensual powderiness towards the overall feel of "Fragile".

Overall this perfume is gorgeous, feminine, and voluptuous. I am very disappointed that it got discontinued. Just the bottle alone is worth paying for and owning, it is just so stunningly beautiful. Lasts around 7 hours on my skin, with heavy silage for the first 3 hours and moderate from then onwards. A distinctively feminine perfume, I don't see any man being able to pull this off at all, unless you are very flamboyant and have an unorthodox style. Think of John Galliano, this would be something he could pull off. Highly recommended, a master piece from the house of Jean Paul Gautier.