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Duo Review: Illamasqua - Freak (2011)

Illamasqua - Freak (2011):
An Advertisement for Freak
Today I will be reviewing a scent with one of the most unique concept/story behind it ever! (in my opinion at least), Freak by the British cosmetic house "Illamasqua". I will be writing my own review as well as featuring a review by Lily (, how perfect, a unisex scent with reviews by a male (myself) and a female (Lily) to guide you. Simply put, 2 reviews in 1!

What got me into wanting to test Freak so badly was the concept behind it and the "Toxic" notes. Freak is a fragrance to "Celebrate the Night and Darkness" and is composed of "Exotic and Dangerous Flowers". With top notes of Datura, Opium Flower and Belladonna. Mid notes of Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night blossom, and a base notes of Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh. Belladonna (Aka Deadly Nightshade), Datura, and Poison Hemlock for example, have been notoriously used as noxious poisons in some cultures for centuries.

Freak is accompanied with the following words on it's box:

" I am Exquisitely rare. Mysterious midnight blooms. Unfurling only for Luna's light Datura, Black Davana, Poison Hemlock and Queen of the night. 
 A covert gethering of forbidden flowers. Brought together in love's darkest hour .I am magical, timeless. Utterly unforgettable. I AM Bottled midnight  I AM FREAK

The Scent: upon discovering this perfume one evening, while watching some perfume reviews on YouTube, I thought to my self...."Those notes! Wow!...I MUST try this one!" especially since I am so into the more unusual perfumes and perfume concepts. This was not available in Australia at the time and was almost impossible to find a site that ships to Australia online, I went through a whole lot of cash to get this while I was on holiday in Bangkok. I ended up spending $300 at an Illamasqua counter buying all 3 versions and flankers of Freak....long story short.
I was excited that I finally get to smell and try the scent that I have been hyping
up for so long and experience those "Concoction of Toxic Flowers" with my very own nose. To be honest, based on the packaging, the notes and stories I was expecting something more dark, dense, opulent and unusual ....but nevertheless the scent that I had experienced is a pleasant one, but certainly not what was expected.
Datura By G. Saenz
What I got was a gathering of white flowers waltzing and twirling over a mellow and soothing incense base. Opens with pixies adorned a dress made from Datura petals, twirling and pirouetting frictionlessly in the stilled autumn air filled with hazy incense and narcotic smoke of Opiums in an enchanted forest illuminated by the iridescence moonlight. Further into the wearing, the floral aspect of this scent settles down and becomes less invasive, as a more masculine base of powdery incense and "almost-dark but not quite there" oud takes over.
Opens quite feminine, however settles into a perfectly unisex and more masculine dry down quite quickly. Longevity and projection are slightly below average to me, if sprayed on my skin, however lasts up to 10 hours with great silage if sprayed on my clothing. For the current retail price of around $70, I think it is worth it, an overall pleasant fragrance, even if it's what you would expect from the hype and description. It does smell fairly unique but does have aspects similar to a few other perfumes out there, but does not smell the same. Quite niche for the price of non-niche, give this "Freak" a chance !

Lily's Review :
Collage by Lily.
Illamasqua 'Freak'- I place this scent in the category of 'Nouveau-gothic' scents, epitomized from bottle to fragrance. Pristine piousness yielding to secretive (wanton) desires. Faint powdery traces, squeaky soapy aspect, 'Aldehydic' in nature. Enchanting florals considering their derivation however there is no need for wariness here, only plenty of enjoyment. High degree of cultivation, there is nothing to indicate that this fragrance belongs in the genre of commercialized perfumes. 

An original by my estimation.As for the claim of this being a unisex fragrance, the opening leans greatly toward a feminine facet however the heart is neutral.The oud is not overly pronounced, but obviously present which with the base tends to, for me display a shift to a masculine facet. I am still undecided on the subject. I imagine a character such as Wilhelmina Harker doused in this immaculate scent, imposing transcendence.I am in awe of this perfume.Superb longevity, 5hrs+, and silage. I would recommend this fragrance for anytime you are in the mood for the brazenly Bohemian. 

1. a very unusual and unexpected event or situation. 
2. a person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.


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    1. Aw really? I prefer yours! I sometimes "struggle" to write formally and finding the right words. Of course, I would love it if we do more reviews, we just BOTH need to have the scent to sample from that's all !

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