Thursday, 19 June 2014

Review: Signature Fragrances (Niche/Indie house)

Signature Fragrance:
After finally finishing my university exams, I am now back to reviewing! Today I will be reviewing some scents from the newly established niche/indie perfume house based in London - "Signature Fragrances". The owner and nose of the brand Solomon had been kind enough to send me some samples of his creation "Deja Vu", "Oud Memlaki", and "Woody Conjure". All these are perfume oils and are quite concentrated.

From the words stated on my sample, "Signature fragrances are hip, diverse, and tenaciously pungent. Our aim is to bring back purpose to perfume". I would say that the quality is definitely there, the scents lasts a good while on the skin and for weeks on your clothing. I might also add that the samples I had received are very Arabian inspired and has the middle eastern vibe to it.

You can contact Solomon on his website 
or directly on his Instagram account

Fragrance Review:

Woody Conjure: 

Small house in the scary forestThis is probably my favourite scent out of the 3 received. Very calming and serene, I can detect a lot of oak moss, woods, incense and some flowers that I can't exactly identify accurately. There's not really any official notes list out for any of these scents yet, so I will try my best to accurately describe and guess the notes. This scent makes me imagine being in wood cabin inside a lush, green and damp forest. Inside the cabin there is a fireplace with an assortment of woods burning inside, especially pine wood, giving off the most wonderful smoky and woody aroma. Occasionally the essence of the  forest that you are in would sneak through the gaps between the wooden walls of the cabin. You lay there in front of the fireplace enjoying the unusual combination of both warm and smoky wood as well as the wintry pristine aroma of a misty green forest. Woody Conjure is definitely woody and highly recommended for wood lovers, such as myself!

Oud Memlaki: a tough name to pronounce...! Most of the time if you tried oud based fragrance before you would expect something deep, thick, and very cloying....well at least from my experience. Oud Memlaki is surprisingly clean smelling and not the typical rich,cloying oud fragrance that is out there. I do detect oud, not the typical sweet oud, but a medicinal band-aid type of oud, and some animalics. Very different from anything I have ever experienced before, a metallic, medicinal non-sweet oud with a gentle animalic undertone slithering about. Makes me imagine a hospital and the chemicals used to sterilize equipments...As you can tell I am not quite a fan of this one....yet.

Deja Vu:! that's my first impression of this fragrance. A mouthwatering and delectable aggregation of treats we love chocolate, honey, coconut, jaffas, and caramel. This is so delicious, it's like being a kid and discovering the candy store for the first time ever in your life, you are basically captivated and mesmerized by the walls of sweets towering over your petite body, you honestly do not care if you die right your "happy place", so happy your could die... Gourmand lovers, coconut lovers this one is for you, you will be guaranteed to crave desserts and sweets after sniffing this scent, I might even say that you might be tempted to lick your own just smells so realistic and absolutely delicious.

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