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Review of a classic: Salvador Dali Pour Homme (1985)

Salvador Dali - Salvador Dali Pour Homme (1985)
My Bottle of Salvador Dali Pour Homme (SDPH)

A hauntingly beautiful scent
The first time I tried this scent I was just starting to take this hobby more seriously and did not really have the nose to appreciate older fashioned and more intense scents. Two years later, I re-tried the scent again and totally fell in love and bought it right away.

 If Nosferatu wore perfume, Salvador Dali Pour Homme would be his signature. One of my guilty pleasures, a scent which I simply love but a majority of people that smelt it seem to dislike.

Salvador was an odd man himself
An oriental fougere fragrance composed in 1985 by the one and only Thierry Wasser, the current head perfumeur of Guerlain. A damp, wet, dark, musty, animalic-mossy scent with dusty hints of wilting florals and decomposing wood, Salvador Dali Pour Homme is definitely a daring and spine tingling scent.

Salvador Dali himself was highly imaginative and enjoyed creating unusual and grandiose masterpieces. Sometimes his eccentric and controversial actions drew more attention than his actual work. He would have been alive when this perfume was composed and I truly believe, out of all of the perfumes he had ever released, Salvador Dali Pour Homme represented him the best.


Skeleton of a Boy
A Graveyard, an imagined presence
Presented in a black frosted-glass bottle with a beautiful but terrifying black lip bottle cap, a signature of Dali. The bottle of the fragrance is also a piece of art all on its own. As mentioned above, Salvador Dali Pour Homme is a beautiful but sinister, dark, and fear inducing scent.

My first impressions were graveyards, haunted woods, vampires, mummies, ghosts, ghouls, wraths, tombs, shadows, and things that goes bump in the night. The nightmare that this fragrance conjures up is also a very peaceful and quiet one, an eternal rest, in a different dimension, beyond life as we know it. 

The Scent:
A haunting interior
Opens with a breath of mossy, animalic, dusty, pungent air coming from the castle of Nosferatu him self. A carpet of oak moss , mold and patchouli growing on the dusty wooden doors of the castle, looking up, you can see hundreds of bats hanging upside-down, your source of the pulses of civet in the opening of this perfume.

A hanting mossy, forest. Terriying but peaceful.

 45 minutes into the application, the moon is fully bright and ripe as a gentle moist breeze whirls around in the surrounding woods, carrying with it aromas of lavender, sandalwood, anise, geranium and cedar. As the breeze enters the interior of Nosferatu's refuge, it passes series of velvety red, dusty curtain, which shields the windows from daylight.

The curtain it self are infested with mosses, dust, and bat droppings, this further adds new aromas to the entering breeze.
Towards the end of the perfume's long life of more than 8 hours, the scent becomes less mossy and animalic, and becomes more sweet and warm. As gentle sun rays of the early hours shone through the tiny gaps between the curtains, the air inside the castle warms up, giving a new found sweetness to the once dusty, cold, and pungent civet and woods. It is now time for Nosferatu and his bats to rest until night time arrives again.

A long lasting, affordable, dark, gothic, spooky and unique creation, definitely check it out! Not for the faint hearted! Will sure send shivers down you spine!
Famous shadow of Nosferatu, he would definitely wear SDPH

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